Woosta Pizza



Price Range : Under $10 ($)

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Adress: 407 Main St, Worcester, MA 1608

Phone: (508) 792-0888

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  • rhett r.

    star star star star star_border 11 September 2021

    Nice prices. You can get pizza by the slice!! Huge selection and friendly staff. Nice family owned atmosphere. Well worth our visit!

  • Jason H.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 7 September 2021

    Horrible. And we all wonder why no one comes to or enjoys this place...it is in a great location so any bizz that is at least average would thrive...and they are not thriving but apparently dying. Now I know why... ordered BBQ chicken and what I received was fried (most likely from frozen) breaded chicken with some generic sugar-laden commercial BBQ sauce poured on top... seriously? Please close soon so a real restaurant and caring owner can come in to continue to make this upcoming area upcoming from the previous dismal region of which places such as this were a massive contributor to the decay.

  • John O.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 4 September 2021

    Good service food was ok price ok would not go back place was deserted if you're looking for great place this isn't it but if you want a place with no customers this is the place not many places down town to eat there was no atmosphere no radio or tv for sound

  • Stephanie ..

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 22 August 2021

    Worst place I've ever been to in my life. Let me add that this is the THIRD TIME I'm posting this review since the owners want to avoid any negative feedback for anyone to view, so here we go again:

    This is how much of a lowlife these owners are. I write a review and they report it to be removed. So once again, here is my review. Let me make this clear that I WAS A CUSTOMER.  would love to give no stars, but unfortunately I am unable to do so. I called this morning at 9am and spoke to Owner/Chef Andrea Gramo. I asked for simple public knowledge of what business was located there before they made it Woosta Pizza in 2005. Andrea immediately became extrémalo rude and said, "why do you need to know? That is none of your business. Why are you asking me this?" I explained to him that I reached out to city hall but a business was not in their records for 11 years until it was Woosta Pizza. Andrea repeatedly said "it is none of your business" and hung up on me. About 2-3 minutes later I get a call back from Woosta Pizza and it is Brunilda Gramo, the wife of Andrea who says she is a manager. I explained to her what I was asking, she responded with, "the man you spoke to was the delivery driver he did not know what you were asking." (When he very well knew what I was asking and was not a delivery driver because no business has a delivery driver sitting around being paid two hours before a business opens let alone is the OWNER of the place). She said, "Uh we'll, I don't know, maybe a dentist or something." (A dentist or something? It was a food business, I know that 100% and so didn't she and she was flat out lying again). I said to her, "You don't know what business was there? You don't know what you were buying?" She continued with, "No, I don't know, I'm just a manager I can take down your information and have the owner return your call, maybe he knows more" (when I knew I already spoke with the owner...and am now speaking to his wife) I didn't give her my number but asked her when the owner would be in, if he would be in today. She said, "No.. maybe like next month" I said, "maybe next month, how will that help me?" And she hung up the phone on me just as her husband and owner Andrea did.

    I was asking a simple question, what business resides there before it was Woosta Pizza, 100% public knowledge. They refused, they lied, they were rude, and 100% clearly a shady business. I do not recommend anyone eating there, because I know I wouldn't step foot in there if it was the last place to purchas

  • Delila S.

    star star star star star 21 August 2021

    Came in here for a slice, it's nice they actually sell by the slice cause that's hard to find. Obviously not gourmet, but the pizza has good ratios and a nice crust. Cheap prices too! And nice that they deliver for $10 minimum. I'd order here again, especially delivery. It's not exactly beautiful inside but they have cute little messages of positivity around.

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